Why Latvia

Why Latvia?

Why to choose Riga, Latvia as place for your new extended team?

Answering to this question lately has become very easy. Hard working, dedicated and highly skilled IT professionals in combination with appealing employment regulation rules and attractive taxation policies make Latvia as one of most beneficial states in European Union for operating a company.

Such companies as SEB, Circle K, Tele2, Accenture, Cabot, Evry, Tieto, Visma, Atea, DNB, Swedbank are among just few known names that have already opened their shared service centres or delivery teams in Riga, successfully contributing to projects with higher delivery capacity and lower cost than in other European countries.

Also, extensive offering of newly opened co-working offices, more than 90 direct flights from Riga to at least 30 European cities and English as a working language will be as seamless success contributors to your team daily tasks.

To illustrate this with some figures, here is a comparison of salary and taxation ranges in some of the countries and Latvia:

Latvia Sweden Germany
 Senior developer (EUR, gross) 46 800 66 000 66 000
Employer’s tax 24% 31% 18%
TOTAL PAY: 58 032 86 460 77 880

Note – these numbers are indicative and should be taken as an example.