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To become a member of a new team is not only about daily tasks and deliveries. It is much more – it is about a job content, professional growth and cultural fit.

We have a variety of project, team and customer offerings that are updated regularly. We believe every tech specialist will find best fit for ones’ next professional path.

Currently we are looking for Java developers, UX specialists, .Net and C# developers, Test automation experts and business analysts.

See detailed profile descriptions below.

Work Environment

We are spending the biggest part of our life at work, thus it is important that the work environment is not only helping us to be productive, seamlessly provide all necessary support but also gives an opportunity to develop ourselves via meeting other colleges and being part of communities and tribes.

We believe all of this can be achieved by setting the teams in co-working offices which allow you to get benefits of  a larger tech community at the same time having your own private space.

Tech Community

IT work sometimes tends to be like inventing a bicycle once more. Often even the brightest tech minds struggle with some peace of their code and wonder whether somebody in tech world has already solved this puzzle.

Advantages of being part of tech community and working in co-sharing offices can prove themselves in many sudden and unexpected situations. You could be surprised that a bearded guy in the most distant corner of the office is top-notch UX specialist able to solve Your page design challenge very fast and is willing to help You out. In our company we promote tech community development and believe that sharing is caring.